Various promotional pieces to promote the product at games conventions. The game was aimed at young children and so required a mix of vibrant and friendly designs. The key selling point of the game was in how the main character could be customised in many different ways. The promotional materials were designed to convey this. 
Pooka PowerPoint submission to apple
The presentation of Pooka for Apple to assess for their store. The presentation had to give a clear representation of the game's style while also conveying key data and an action plan to Apple.
Document design, graphic design, image manipulation, branding
PowerPoint, Photoshop
Promotional products
The cardboard cut-outs were carefully designed so the user could ‘dress’ their character with different facial features and accessories. The T-shirts were used in conventions by staff and so had to adhere to strict guidelines from management.
Branding, Graphic Design, Product Design, Print Design
Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
Game promotional images
Promotional images for Pooka, featuring heavily edited imagery. Initial character shots had to be set up in-game using the Unity platform.
Design, Image Editing, Social Media Campaign
Photoshop, Unity
Promotional videos for pooka
Created for social media as gifs these short videos were to showcase the character of Pooka and how customisable they were. 
Video editing, graphic design 
Premiere, Photoshop, Unity
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